Andromeda Galaxy 29 Dec 2014

Andromeda Galaxy 29 Dec 2014

Here's an image of the Andromeda Galaxy [M31} taken this morning at 2am.

Andromeda is the nearest galaxy neighbour & will eventually collide with our own Milky Way. No need to panic just yet as it will probably take billions of years before the collision takes place.

This is a single image of 82 seconds at f8.0 with ISO 2500.

I used a Canon 60Da with a 2x extender & a Canon 70-200 f2.8 at 200mm. The total focal length is 400mm & with the 1.6 crop factor for the 60Da works out at 640mm.

This is a full frame image with no cropping.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D (Canon)
Camera Lens:
Focal Length: 400 mm
Exposure: 82 sec
Aperture: f/8
ISO: 2500

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