Dunluce Castle, but the Aurora forgot to come out to play

Dunluce Castle, but the Aurora forgot to come out to play

Last night, myself along with three friends a made the 5 hour round trip to Dunluce Castle on the northern coast of Ireland, close to The Giants Causeway & Bushmills. The plan was to see & image the northern lights [Aurora Borialis]. Somehow, someone forgot to tell the aurora that we were waiting for them. The huge X 1.2 solar flare was expected to hit the earth on Wednesday & Thursday, but for some reason, it ended up missing the earth, so all the people looking northward didn't get to see any beautiful green lights in the sky.

Thankfully, we still managed to get a few clear moments when the clouds went away for a while. Here's one of these images with Dunluce Castle on the left & the drop to the sea in front.

Maybe next time we go there, we'll get to see the beautiful Aurora.

Camera: Canon EOS 60D (Canon)
Camera Lens:
Focal Length: 50 mm
Exposure: 30 sec
Aperture: N/A
ISO: 1000

  • Beautiful shot Shane!! Who needs the Aurora when you can still get a shot like this. Stunner!
    Kyle @ 2014-01-10 21:27:30
  • wonderful. glad you got it on pixie (plus totd to boot)
    aafke @ 2014-01-12 13:20:45
  • Lets hope Norway is good to you!
    Denis O'Donovan @ 2014-01-24 15:05:01
  • ahw... :( popped in to see whether you had any luck catching the aurora to play 'up north'
    no luck??
    aafke @ 2014-01-29 18:26:17